Slides, Swings, and Sandboxes

Having two kids means you get to go to a lot of parks. So I thought I would share my thoughts on some local parks in case you were looking for suggestions. Most of the parks we go to are in the Foster City/San Mateo/San Carlos/Burlingame area. Here is my first review.

1: Marlin Park – Foster City – MAP
This park is one of the closest to us. Located deep in Foster City, on Marlin Dr. It is one of a few Foster City Parks that sits right up against the FC Lagoon. The park is about the length of a football field, so there is plenty of space to run around. There is one big play structure on the left, with a few slides, and some shade so you can sit and watch the kids without baking in the sun. A big field in the middle, great for playing catch, flying a kite, etc. The swing sets are off on the right side of the park. There is also a fenced off beach area in case you wanted to enjoy the sun or water.

The park is great for birthday parties since it’s pretty large. I would venture to guess most of the people that go to this park are very local. The park is pretty well off the beaten path. So unless you live in Foster City, I doubt you would know it was there. Most of the families that go to this park have young kids, 2-5 years of age. But with the big field, older kids might enjoy it as well.

  • Pros
  • Bathroom
  • Multiple slides
  • Big open field to play catch
  • Some shady areas, even in the play structure area
  • Lots of swings
  • Beach Area
  • Easy Parking
  • Cons
  • Tends to be windy (as most FC parks)
  • Geese in the area tend to poop in the grass and pathways quite a bit


Colin vs Alex

This was enough of a hot topic to bring me back to blogging. Especially since a buddy of mine Justin Lum decided to also blog about it but has the opposite view. Check out his blog HERE. Sorry Justin but I disagree and I hope I am wrong.

No matter what side of this argument you are on I think we can all agree that most teams in the NFL would love to have this problem; Two quarterbacks that can help your team win? The Arizona Cardinals must be jealous right now. I guess the silver lining in all of this QB drama is that there is really no wrong answer as far the team is concerned. Both QB’s have the “hot-hand” as Harbaugh has liked to point out and both have proven they can win.

My personal opinion is that Alex Smith should be starting right now. Here is why. We are handing the reigns of a potential Super Bowl team over to a rookie QB that has yet to be tested. I know what you are thinking, “Kap beat the Chicago Bears and the Saints who were hot!”. But let’s examine that a little closer.

The Chicago bears are 8-3. Good record right? But how did they get there? Their three loses have come to GB, SF, and HOU. Three of the top teams in the league. Who have they beaten? Car? Ten? C’mon!! They have no quality wins under their belt. They beat Indy in week 1 with a rookie QB playing in his first game…I don’t count that. Their defensive stats were inflated and they are overrated. They play a very “vanilla” cover 2 defense. Nothing fancy. Meaning Kaepernick would be able to read that defense very easily. Not to mention the Bears didn’t prepare for Kap, they probably prepared for Smith since all the reports indicated that Smith was a go, until the last minute.

The New Orleans Saints are close to last in the league in every defensive stat. Kaepernick threw for close to 250 yards a TD and a INT. Hmmm, whose stats do those sound like? Bottom line is we beat NO because our defense took back two INT’s for TD’s. Kaepernick played well, not excellent.

So if you’re going to play a QB that is playing well, not excellent, why change from Smith to ┬áKaepernick? You risk creating tension in the locker room, on a team that has had zero drama, and has been almost hyper focused all season long on getting to the Super Bowl.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I see Kaepernick’s value. He has proven that we have a more-than-capable back up on our team. One that will probably earn that spot in the near future. Maybe as soon as next season. I just don’t think he has EARNED it just yet.

On a final note, Jim Harbaugh has to win the Super Bowl this year for it not to be considered a bust. Plain and simple. We has a Super Bowl contending team with Alex Smith at QB. That’s what Harbaugh had been saying, what the fans think, and what the rest of the league thinks. So if now you are telling us, the fans, that the team is better with Colin Kaepernick then we better WIN the Super Bowl. And if that’s the case, if we are now going to WIN the Super Bowl with Colin Kaepernick at the helm, you won’t hear me complaining on Super Bowl Sunday.

What do you think?