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DISCLAIMER: My blog is not investment advice. It is intended for educational purposes, and to keep track of my own investments. You should do your own due diligence on investment opportunities and know your risk tolerance. All things which I will explain here. 🙂

My Goal: The purpose of this blog is to both educate others starting our in the stock market, and to keep track of my own investments as I learn and grow. I would consider myself to be a beginner, but I have a solid understanding of how to trade and invest in a couple of different strategies. I have read a lot of books which I will share in future posts. I have also completed a day trading course through Warrior Trading, and I have also paid to follow and learn from Matthew Krater (Trader University) , and the popular @TraderStewie (AOTTrades) on Twitter. I have been managing my own IRA and brokerage account since the end of 2018, but with COVID giving me more time, I have really been able to up my training and focus more on my trading. Since March 2020, until now, I have really made huge strides in my understanding of the markets and trading stocks. I would love to have open discussions and share trading ideas with anyone who wants to follow me. 

I focus mainly on swing trades, and day trades. I do have some longer term investment vehicles as well. If there is something you want to learn that I haven’t covered, tweet me @cchapeton or join my Facebook Group to add to the discussion. I also have a Tradingview account and a Stocktwits account @CCinvesting. Happy to have you here!

“Our only options are to be informed, not informed, or misinformed…”

- Thomas Sowell

Chart Analysis: $BA

Chart Analysis: $BA

Watchlist Stocks $BA - 11/17/20 $BA has been strong lately on news that its 737 MAX will be taking to the skies again soon. Of course, with Covid ever looming, this stock still has some head wind. That being said, it did close above it's 200MA again, and the 50MA...